A Simple New Year Resolution

I have a lot of dreams, goals and projects just waiting on me. Yes, I will certainly be striving to achieve those in 2022. But, I’m not going to write any of that down. Why, you ask? It’s not as important as one simple yet hard thing to do. It is the most important aboveContinue reading “A Simple New Year Resolution”

5 Truths about being an older mom

First, I love being a wife, mom, homemaker and no I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. If I explain something a bit on the down side, it doesn’t mean I’m losing my love for being a mom. It just means I’m being very real about it. 1. Be prepared to seek moreContinue reading “5 Truths about being an older mom”

Anxiety, Family Vacation & Life

So, before I begin. I’m no expert. I’m only sharing my experiences. I hate saying this but any event no matter how small or big tires and stresses me out with the thought. I should be excited and happy but the problem is anxiety. It NEVER sleeps. So, even though I am excited, the anxietyContinue reading “Anxiety, Family Vacation & Life”