A Simple New Year Resolution

I have a lot of dreams, goals and projects just waiting on me. Yes, I will certainly be striving to achieve those in 2022.

But, I’m not going to write any of that down. Why, you ask? It’s not as important as one simple yet hard thing to do. It is the most important above all other things.

Good health. That’s it. It seems simple but I assure you it’s not just about taking vitamins and eating better. There is a LOT that involves getting and staying healthy. So, here are my Main goals for 2022.

1. Complete a Health Assessment.

You can find an example of this online anywhere really but it’s actually just a very in depth number of questions that help you know more about your health. It’s also a good way to show your weaknesses and strengths to guide you in the change of habits that you need to practice to be more healthy. One persons diet or health habits will not be the same for another. This helps determine your needs.

Here is a site that allows free downloads.


2. See a family doctor.

I am not a person who goes to the doctor when I have a cough. I am including this because if there are symptoms or issues that require further attention then a doctor can assess that. They may see a pattern or issue that I don’t.

3. Be more cautious of food

Ok, so here is the sad and horrible truth. Nothing is truly organic. There I said it. Unless you grew it yourself from an heirloom ancient seed then you may be in the clear depending on the soil, water and tools you use. I am fully aware of this.

But here is my thinking on the subject of “organic”. Less toxins the better and more healthy the better. So, my intentions are to definitely cook more healthy, shop local more, grow my own (hopefully soon) and eat out less.

As of right now we eat out once a week, I cook 3 times a week and 2 nights we eat leftovers and then potluck the other night.

I intend to change that to cooking 4 times a week, 3 nights of left overs and eat out maybe 2 times a month. Seems reasonable for us and even though yes I could completely go without eating out period but I’m also a very real person and I know better than to push too much because then that just stresses the whole goal. No need for stress. I want to make this achievable and better.

Try Thrive Market for more healthy and organic options! Start a membership today and get 40% off your first order.


4. Be more cautious of products

Ok, the dreaded subject of clean, natural, non toxic products. AH! Haha! Sorry, I had to do that. I see arguments all the time between people on what products are better. Here is the thing though, we are all under our own individual income status. That is what makes the arguments stop. I would love to say that I could spend $30.00 on a detergent that is completely natural and clean but in all honesty I absolutely cannot.

So, here is my plan.

A. Make my own products where I can see it actually save me money. I’m not sure of all the areas I can do this but have already started with a few things.

B. What I cannot make I’ll be shopping on the best deals and quality that I can afford. There are quite a few companies out there that seem good to me but I won’t spoil the fun in sharing just yet because I want to see for myself and then I will share with all of you my findings.

These products include: Cleaning, Body Care, Baby Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Scented things, Food Storage, Vitamins, Health in general.

5. Inner Health

I know I have a habit of letting myself go and not nurturing the inner me. You can call Spiritual, Relationship with God, Mental Health. However you perceive it, it is still an area that needs to be cared for.

My plan is to…

A. Bible study and pray daily. I used to do this daily and have been too busy and distracted the last 6 months or so with our move. I’ve already started back doing that and feel so much better.

B. Simple stretches and exercises daily.

C. Read more. I don’t take enough time to be inspired by reading.

D. Spa days. These can be pricey so my goal is every 3 months. Massage, hair, nails, facial. Any or all of it is the best therapy.

Now all of this is simply one goal. Notice, I didn’t mention a gym or diet app/plan because that is not something I can afford or have the time unless you count doing zumba with my girls on YouTube. Lol! I’m excited for my journey and hope this helps someone else to not overstress your resolutions. Just make them reachable. Happy new year!

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