5 Truths about being an older mom

First, I love being a wife, mom, homemaker and no I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. If I explain something a bit on the down side, it doesn’t mean I’m losing my love for being a mom. It just means I’m being very real about it.

1. Be prepared to seek more patience.

I thought I had a lot of patience when my first one came along but was totally mistaken. Life taught me patience but having children is a whole other book about patience and I’ve had to dig deeper into that skill to build more of it. After the second, I am still building it but I can tell it’s better than it was.

2. Older Moms need help too.

Even though an older mom to be is more likely to be a mature person doesn’t mean she doesn’t need help. Help with Cleaning, Cooking and/or caring for baby while mommy rests is much appreciated because an older mom (no matter how strong or mature) still need that support and rest especially since they are older. I have constant back trouble that I know now will always be an issue along with other issues. I’m not complaining because my girls are worth every hurt to me but having them and being older causes more stress on a woman’s body. It just does. So, yeah lend those women a helping hand when you can because they could certainly use it. And yes, even if they don’t ask, even if they say, “Nah, I got it.”

3. If you thought you finally got all the drama gone out of your life. Trust me it’s been there, you just didn’t notice it.

As you get older you learn the difference between real drama and a colorful personality. You truly do see the difference. And when you notice it you then realize that the real drama has no place in your life because well you have to make a choice for your own sanity. So, then you think “Finally, peace!” Nuh huh, Wait until you have a baby. Then you will really notice all the real drama that you didn’t notice before. When you are pregnant you are already at the very edge of the cliff and hanging on by a thread because you are older, getting ready for baby, your body no longer belongs to you and yeah, you get the point. You truly do see things in a much brighter room per say.

4. Be prepared for the green monster.

People that are my age have grandchildren or expecting them or children old enough to have kids of their own. Yeah! so that puts me in a whole different universe than where they are. They are enjoying life, get plenty of breaks and actually make plans and keep them. I’m over here begging for like a minute. Huge difference! However, I’m glad I got this chance and at this time because I can raise my girls a LOT differently than I would have 10 to 20 years ago. Don’t let the green monster win. You are exactly where you need to be.

5. Embrace the beautiful change in you.

Having kids at this age changed me in big ways. The biggest way is my comfort zone. I had always been a person to work a career. I’ve always had either a career advanced job, an extra job or a hobby going all of the time. I am an artist at heart with so much to give in that area that I know for a fact I have neglected it but that’s ok. I’m not superwoman and I totally accept that. So, when parenthood came it changed everything. What is important to me, what I will sacrifice for them. It’s exhilarating as much as it is scary at times but all worth it. With that change, I had to adjust, accept and get accustomed to a different me after so many years being just me. Trust me, after living for 40 plus years being you and then things change in just a few short years to you plus two it is a HUGE adjustment and no it isn’t always easy but it’s a job I’ll never quit. I just keep going. Take a deep breath and keep going.

Now, stay tuned for ways I relax. When I get the chance of course, Ha!

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2 thoughts on “5 Truths about being an older mom

  1. I am an older mom, and was thinking about having another. It sadly did not work out, but I wondered how crazy it was to decide to go for it despite the glares from everyone around. It is nice to see this side of momhood being successful. Right where you should be, I love that.


    1. Thank you! It’s easy at times and hard at times but isn’t that motherhood at any age? I’m truly blessed. My biggest reason for another was so they had siblings. So, now they will always have eachother and that comforts my other fear of being an older mom. I hope I helped in some way!


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