My weekly teaching routine for pre-k

My 4 yr old is a social kid and so my routine involves bringing her some joy in that. Joy equals learning with her so I do my best to bring comfort and joy to learning. However, I am also teaching her to respect, listen to directions and do as the teacher says.

For the most part pre-k is not mandated so therefore nothing is on any records. With that in mind, you can really explore different ways of learning and not feel pressured. So, with my little I incorporate a mix of all things. Outside play, social learning, worksheets, videos, one on one, books and games.

On a weekly rotine I do the following..

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9 am to 11 am – bible lessons, personal info, letters, sounds, writing

11 am to 12 pm – lunch

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm – same & different, opposites, location, direction and 1 to 20 numbers

On these days I set a routine. I start by a more serious lesson, then a fun learning game, song or craft and then a break. During break time it’s a follow up fun video on what we just learned. I don’t time these but let’s say 10 minutes each.


9 am to 11 am- bible study, letters, writing, numbers

11 am to 12 pm – lunch

12:30 pm to 2:00 pm – Park day! During this time we talk about nature and science and anything that jumps out during the day.


Local event day! Depending on the event and when it’s scheduled this day may swap with another. I look at social media groups, churches, libraries to see what they have scheduled for her age. Churches and libraries offer so much where I am and am grateful for that. Storybook time, art, kids zumba are just a few things offered.

As I mentioned earlier pre-k is not necessarily a mandate in most states (but check your own state) so make sure to schedule what works for you and your child. I hope this gives ideas and helps someone. Trust me when I say I am no expert and still learning but this is what helped my little so much. Happy teaching!

Stay tuned for a later blog on what books, curriculum I use.

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