Sacrifices of Motherhood

I’m about to get real! Many may read my story and disagree with me but I feel like it will help so many other moms out there know that they aren’t alone.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I’m no expert and can only share what I experience.

Not everyone is the same. Some people can juggle 10,000 things at once and never miss a beat. Then there are some who struggle with two.

I at one time could juggle numerous things. No problems. I had a lot of stress but it never effected any other part of my life so no problem. But hey, that was before kids.

Kids happened and that changed everything for me. Mostly, in a good way such as, purposeful living. I know my purpose and have a drive now more than ever to do right by them. So, having that purpose changed my outlook on a LOT in my life. My time management and dreams/goals became completely different.

People assume I’m a person who flies by the seat of my pants doing this and that, never following through or finishing anything. Well, it’s true sometimes I don’t finish or reach my goal before quitting but what people don’t know is why.

This isn’t all of them but these are recent.

But before I go any further let me just say that yes there were times I quit or gave up on something because either I lost interest or was too much and for no other reason than that. Of course, that was before Mommyhood.

So, my “why I constantly quit certain dreams, goals etc.” is actually pretty simple. When life throws a fork in your road you can only choose one direction in my opinion. There really is no grey. Such as the following..

1. Have a roof over my head or not.

2. To eat or not to eat.

3. Help or be selfish.

4. My children or this/that.

5. My husband or this/that.

6. My health or this/that.

So even though I’m very whimsy and have an enormous list of hobbies and loves of my life, I also know whats important and I make those sacrifices when needed every time.


This is what I’ve learned.

Don’t be ashamed of giving up or letting go of something when you know there are other important things that required you giving it up.

Don’t let society make you feel bad because you couldn’t do it or finish it. You know yourself better than society.

All I hear today is, You have to do something, be something. If you want it, you have to sweat, bleed and sacrifice to get it. While I agree with this because it is true, I also disagree. Sacrifice is what changes my opinion. I love my hobbies and yes I have big dreams but I’m not willing to sacrifice all or most of my time, attention and duties as a wife and mother to reach them. I’ve had to learn this very lesson over and over again. So, I’ve learned to be patient continuing my goals and dreams when I can. It may take me years but I’ll get there.

I’ll end this by saying to all Moms who sacrifice themselves daily, Don’t give up. Just find your patience and know that I am your biggest fan! You will get there! If you have to reinvent yourself a thousand times, then you know nine hundred ninety nine ways that didn’t work and finally one that did.

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