Anxiety, Family Vacation & Life

So, before I begin. I’m no expert. I’m only sharing my experiences.

I hate saying this but any event no matter how small or big tires and stresses me out with the thought. I should be excited and happy but the problem is anxiety. It NEVER sleeps. So, even though I am excited, the anxiety ruins it!

One night. That’s all and I’m stressed already but as a parent I have to deal. So the very best things I can do are the following.

Stress Relief Tips

1) The first thing to do is let your partner know that you need help. A partnership is important to utilize. That’s what they are there for. Tell them what you need. Help packing, an easy itinerary, keeping kids busy while you get things done. Whatever it is, ask.

2. Take your time and breathe. Do NOT do anything that causes hurry because that makes it worse. Think about it. Anxiety causes some to rush or hurry to get things done. It does me. It causes me to get in a hurry. Since I know this now, I Intentionally slow myself down. Taking my time in whatever I’m doing and it seems to help. Its annoying to me because I want to be finished but I have to control that speed because the faster I go the worse my anxiety gets so the tortoise truly does win the race in my world.

So, after reservations are made and planning in effect this is what actually happened.

1. My youngest has been battling a heat rash and then came a runny nose.

2. My oldest starts running a high fever.

The Doctor says its a viral infection but it could be streptococcus and gave us some antibiotics just in case.

We didn’t go of course because well two sick babies is not something I take lightly. So, no vacation and we lost money on our reservations because they were nonrefundable.

So, here is what I’ve also learned as a Mom trying to have plans.

1. Try not to make reservations that are nonrefundable with young children. You never know what comes up.

2. Don’t get fixed on a plan when you are a parent. Anything can happen so flexibility is your friend.

3. Don’t over stress the small stuff and make the best of what you have. Be scrappy.

In conclusion, being scrappy should be included in the job description for mommyhood.

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